susie schweppe

Thornhurst Road

Falmouth, Maine 04105


“Take something, do something to it,

do something else to it”

     Jasper Johns on making art

“The present, catch it if you can.”

     Annie Dillard

I am driven by an intuitive process of becoming, of process becoming form, form becoming content.  All I need to make art is to be present in the moment with materials to play with ... then play like a child without a sense of self or expectation, become the process, the experience of something becoming purely itself.  My art simply is what it is because it creates itself in its own image.

Susie attended Maine College of Art with a major in sculpture.  She has made running with scissors her artmaking home for the last 8 years.  One of its founders, running with scissors is a creative community of 30 artists working in their own studio spaces with full access to many common spaces, printmaking and ceramics studios, woodshop, small library, kitchen and gallery ... as well as the shared energy and inspiration that blossoms in this special place that nurtures both art and artist.